Our Services

Your insurance policy shouldn’t contain any surprises. That’s why we take our time to find the best solution for your insurance needs. We’ll work closely with you to fine tune the policy and then explain it in words you’ll understand.

Automobile & Auto Extension Coverages

Working with Manitoba Public Insurance and other auto insurance providers, we can meet all your motor vehicle requirements.
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Whether you’re a homeowner or tenant, we have coverages that are right for you. Check out our home, condo, cottage, seasonal property, mobile home, rental property or tenant packages.


We work closely with businesses and organizations to provide a wide range of commercial insurance packages. If you’re a contractor, retailer, manufacturer, building owner, landlord, a condominium corporation or church, we have the proper insurance coverage for you.


Whatever insurance your farming operation requires, we can meet your needs.

Marine & Watercraft

We can provide insurance that protects your boat or watercraft on or off the water.


Wherever you go in the world, we can produce an insurance package that protects you and your family.